About Hawkins Sawmill

Hawkins Sawmill, Inc. is a grade, hardwood sawmill that produces red oak, white oak, hard maple, soft maple, white ash, black ash, birch, aspen and basswood rough sawed lumber, which primarily is used in the cabinet industry. We produce dimensional lumber for the pallet, railroad and decking industries. Some of the byproducts that Hawkins Sawmill, Inc. produces are sawdust,bark and slabwood, which is primarily used in the animal bedding industry. We are located in central Minnesota and produce 30-35 MBF daily, which equates to about 50-55 cords daily. Hawkins Sawmill, Inc. has been manufacturing quality wood for more than 29 years with a customer base that expands across a 5 state area. Hawkins Sawmill prides themselves on service, quality and fairness and is focused on building relationships with both their suppliers and producers. We are completely dependent on independent loggers to supply us with quality wood. So in turn we maintain extremely good working relationships with all our suppliers.