Pricing List

Prices as of August 1, 2018
Prices are subject to change, depending on the price Hawkins Sawmill, Inc. receives. Prices below are averages and not guaranteed highs and lows.

Red Oak: call (+/- $ on Quality)
White Oak: call (+/- $ on Quality
Maple: call (+/- $ on Quality)
Ash: call (+/- $ on Quality)
Birch: call (+/- $ on Quality)must be 11″ and up
Basswood: call (+/- $ on Quality) must be “12 and up!!
Aspen: call (+/- $ on Quality)must be “12 and up                         

• All prices are per cord, and all are averages.
• They can fluctuate with the run of logs.
• These are all woods run pricing we would like all of the grade logs from the job.

Hawkins Sawmill, Inc. understands that some sales may only produce 10% logs, but we hope our specs and pricing will justify the sort. Hopefully we can form a partnership that makes your logging experience easier.

Any questions? Do not hesitate to call Tom Hawkins at 320-676-8479 or email us.

Price List for Logs/Timber